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Join Curtrice Goddard & Kerri Hummingbird in a riveting and transformational conversation on the power of consciousness to dissolve racism in our collective reality. 

Catalyze social transformation through this evolutionary lens to further your
en-LIGHTen-ment and strengthen the impact of your Leadership.
May 21, 2023
Checking the Boxes for Equity (Contrived vs Organic)
5:00pm ET - 6:15pm ET
4:00pm CST - 5:15pm CST
3:00pm MST - 4:15pm MST
2:00pm PT - 3:15pm PT
The only way to transform something is by owning it as part of yourself. To be the change in the world…you must own what you see in the world that you want to change, as your own. 

 We as humans are powerful enough to do it.
curtrice goddard
Spiritual Guide, Mystic, Leadership Coach, and Transcend The Game™️ Keynote Speaker.
Founder of Transcendence Global Institute—an organization supporting personal & global transformation by providing lectures, self-development, trauma healing, and wellness tools & resources.

kerri hummingbird sami
Medicine Woman & Mentor
#1 Int'l Bestselling Author for 176 weeks and running of "The Second Wave: Transcending the Human Drama". Founder of Inner Medicine Training, a Mystery School that teaches the skills for becoming a sovereign human at this time of the Great Awakening.
To be the change you want to see in the world, you must Fully 
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