SACRED VALLEY IN PERU: June 23, 2025 - July 4, 2025
Sacred Valley Retreat
A Year of Transformation in 11 Days
What if you could set into motion a total life transformation in just 11 days?  You can.  

At this retreat, you will step through a magical doorway to pure potential with Kerri Hummingbird and her friends the Q'ero Nation wisdom keepers. 

June 23, 2025 - July 4, 2025
Student all inclusive:  $5400.00
Non-student all inclusive: $6000.00
All inclusive excluding flight and shopping. You can pay upfront for a discount or make  payments (trip must be paid in full by May 1, 2025). 

12-18 month payment plans available as well as package pricing when bundled with Inner Medicine Training. Schedule a Discovery Call to explore options: SCHEDULE DISCOVERY CALL
All inclusive (including your Mesa cloths and chumpi stones) with the exception of your flight to Peru and your shopping. Recommended a minimum of $500-$600 for shopping additional.
The $500 deposit is non-refundable.
Monday June 23, 2025 through Friday July 4, 2025
at a resort in Pisac, Peru

*arrive into Cusco Monday June 23 AM depart Friday July 4 PM

Sample itinerary:

Day 1: Arrive at Pisac, shop with Q'ero artisans, and drum journey to open your heart. Visit Sacsayhuaman, a ceremonial temple dedicated to the god Inti (Sun).
Day 2: Ceremony at Kinsa Cocha, three lakes, in the Para Para community to connect with Mother Earth and Mama Cocha (mother of the waters) for an initiation with the feminine.
Day 3: Ceremony at the ancient temple of Naupa Iglesia to connect with the star beings who built the temple and receive the lightning through the chakana stone. 
Day 4: Ceremony at Moray to feel the frequencies of this powerful energies of these mystical Inka ruins.
Day 5:  Plant medicine ceremony day
Day 6: Rest in the morning, afternoon shopping in Pisac. 
Day 7: Day trip to the Holy Mountain, Ausangate, for pilgrimage and ceremony
Day 8: Travel to Lake Titicaca, visit archeological sites along the way
Day 9: Ceremony Lake Titicaca
Day 10: Ceremony Lake Titicaca
Day 11: Fly to Cusco from Lake Titicaca and fly home in evening

What's Included...
  • Group Healings from the Q'ero / Incan Chakaruna: High-vibe group healing every day to clear karma and conditioning and give your energy body upgraded light codes!
  • Ancient Wisdom: Hands-on practice with transformative ancient tools for claiming your power and purpose and retrieving your destiny!
  • Beyond the Veil: Hiking and shamanic journey in the utterly astonishing beauty of the Sacred Valley in Peru
  • Spiritual Guidance: Daily group mentoring with Kerri Hummingbird who will channel guidance from the ascended masters to work through life challenges.
  • High-Vibe Food: Organic nutritious meals to help your body release toxins and absorb nutrients that support your transformation.
  • Lodging: A shared quadruple-room or double-room in a private retreat center in Pisac.
  • Integration: Quiet time to rest, integrate, and soak up the vistas and energies.
  • Your Personal Mesa: You'll receive hand-woven Q'ero mestana cloths and chumpi stones to start your personal Mesa (medicine bundle). You will build your complete Mesa as part of the Inner Medicine Training to transform your wounds to wisdom.
  • All Inclusive: Everything you need is covered except your plane ticket, transportation to the event, a couple of meals on your own, and shopping. It is recommended to bring at least $500-$600 for shopping and additional money for massages and individual healings.
Hear what People have to say about Mentoring with Kerri Hummingbird!
"She teaches us to believe in magic again and it becomes contagious to those around us."
"My favorite part about working with Kerri Hummingbird is that she is there in the dirt – learning herself as she teaches us. She doesn’t claim to know all the answers or how to fix your problems. She teaches us and guides us to see the wisdom and magic of the ancients. We learn to heal ourselves and our ancestral line. She teaches us to believe in magic again and it becomes contagious to those around us. The One Year Program combines several teachings from different ancestral lineages as well as other spiritual practices. The community allows us to have a place to come together to share our experiences. A place to feel safe when we feel most vulnerable. A place to get a different perspective. In truth, the person I am today would not recognize the person I was before working with Kerri Hummingbird. I am grateful everyday to have her in my life and to continue to learn from her."
Nicole Harris
Registered Dietitian
"The inner transformation has been life changing for me."
"I felt like I was drowning in my own imposter syndrome, that I had to be someone I wasn’t. It was a struggle to constantly be acting like the person that I thought others wanted me to be in my career. I had no idea that I could actually be me and still hold the role that I played in my career—Kerri Hummingbird showed me that truth and helped me to gain the courage to do just that. The inner transformation has been life changing for me. Once I began leading with my heart without fear of what others might think, something shifted within myself—a shift of stepping into my own power. The wisdom we are receiving in the One Year Program affirms my believe that we, individuals taking separate steps toward the oneness together, can create a changed world. As I continue to learn how to walk on the path of The Beauty Way with Kerri, it is my deep hope that others reclaim their own truth, both for themselves and for all of humankind—the truth that we are all one, we are all deeply loved just as we are, and that we can lean on the support of our ancestors and Mother Earth every day of our lives. Kerri can guide you there—safely and powerfully. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you, Kerri Hummingbird."
Adriana López-Ortiz
Business Attorney
"I am extremely grateful! "
"I went through this program and I’m extremely Grateful! Kerri’s program helped me understand my lack of confidence, my tendency to lash out at others, and my deep seeded need for approval from the most judgmental people. Today I am working towards my dreams, I’m so much gentler with myself, and I’ve learned that failure isn’t tragedy or proof of my worthlessness, it’s part of learning and my Self Worth isn’t dependent on my accomplishments or others perception of me."
Bonny Lowe, Founder
Healer of the Spirit Coaching
About Kerri Hummingbird Sami and Akeem Sami
Kerri Hummingbird, Medicine Woman, Mother and Mentor, is the Founder of Inner Medicine Training with her partner, Akeem Sami. Inner Medicine Training is a Mystery School that shares potent ancient traditions from the Andes and Himalayas for owning your wisdom and living your purpose. 

Kerri is the #1 international best-selling author of "The Second Wave: Transcending the Human Drama" (int'l bestseller over 236 weeks), and "Love Is Fierce: Healing the Mother Wound" which describes the most direct path to self realization. As the host of Soul Nectar Show, Ms. Hummingbird inspires people to lead their lives wide awake with an authenticity, passion and purpose that positively impacts others. As a healer and mentor, she catalyzes mind-shifts that transform life challenges into gifts of wisdom. Her newest book, to be released on Earth Day 2023, is "Inner Medicine: Becoming One with Mother Earth for the Survival of Humanity".

The Q'ero Nation guides Kerri Hummingbird's healing work. She studied their traditions and has worked with them personally for healing as part of her training with The Four Winds Light Body School of Alberto Villoldo.

Akeem Sami is an embodiment healer and licensed massage therapist, martial arts instructor, father, and sacred son of Earth.

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