SACRED VALLEY IN PERU: June 18, 2022 - June 25, 2022 (Ausangate: June 25 - July 1)
Sacred Valley Retreat
A Year of Transformation in One Week
What if you could set into motion a total life transformation in just one week?  You can.  

At this retreat, you will step through a magical doorway to pure potential with Kerri Hummingbird and her friends the Q'ero and Incan wisdom keepers. 

June 18-25:
Student trip only:  $3500.00
Non-student trip only: $4000.00

June 25-July 1 (Ausangate)
Student trip: $2277

One Year Program PLUS 2 Week Retreat:
$11,777  (save $3324)  
You can pay upfront for a discount or make  payments (trip must be paid in full by June 1, 2022). 
All inclusive (including your Mesa cloths and chumpi stones) with the exception of your flight to Peru and your shopping. Recommended a minimum of $500-$600 for shopping additional.
The $500 deposit is non-refundable.
Saturday June 18, 2022 through Saturday June 25, 2022
at Catalina Resort in Pisac, Peru

*fly into Cusco Saturday June 18, depart Sunday June 25 (except for those doing Ausangatay pilgrimage)

Sample itinerary:

Day 1: Arrive at Catalina, shop with Q'ero artisans, and gentle plant medicine ceremony with drum journey to open your heart. 
Day 2: Ceremony at Ventanayoc where the light beings visit and lightning always strikes.
Day 3: Despacho at Pumamarca, the Temple of the Jaguars (45 min hike up to ruins). You will receive a rite of initiation. 
Day 4: Plant ceremony day
Day 5: Rest in the morning, afternoon ceremony at “Temple of the Waters” at Unu Urco. 
Day 6: Ceremony and healing at Moray, mysterious terraced circular depressions formed by meteors.
Day 7: One day round-trip to Machu Picchu.
Day 8: Integration circle to conclude retreat with a final blessing ceremony. Transportation to the airport or to Ausangatay pilgrimage.
What's Included...
  • Group Healings from the Q'ero / Incan Chakaruna: High-vibe group healing every day to clear karma and conditioning and give your energy body upgraded light codes!
  • Ancient Wisdom: Hands-on practice with transformative ancient tools for claiming your power and purpose and retrieving your destiny!
  • Beyond the Veil: Hiking and shamanic journey in the utterly astonishing beauty of the Sacred Valley in Peru
  • Spiritual Guidance: Daily group mentoring with Kerri Hummingbird who will channel guidance from the ascended masters to work through life challenges.
  • High-Vibe Food: Organic nutritious meals to help your body release toxins and absorb nutrients that support your transformation.
  • Lodging: A shared double-room in a private retreat center called Catalina Resort in Pisac, owned and operated by Daniel Gutierrez
  • Integration: Quiet time to rest, integrate, and soak up the vistas and energies.
  • Your Personal Mesa: You'll receive hand-woven Q'ero mestana cloths and chumpi stones to start your personal Mesa (medicine bundle). You will build your complete Mesa as part of the One Year Program to transform your wounds to wisdom.
  • ​One Year Program (New Students): A year of transformation in a contemplative community to clear all historical conditioning and liberate your authentic self to live your destiny life. You'll build a personal Mesa with kuyas (medicine stones) activated by your Gene Keys so you can move through your shadows with grace to claim your gifts. You'll learn ancient prayer practices and how to harness the power of the Apus (mountain spirits), Four Directions, Elements, and Allies for ongoing personal growth. Includes group mentoring over zoom every week, quarterly live retreats (virtual or in-person), and an online support program with teachings, practices, and healing meditations. (FULL DETAILS)
  • All Inclusive: Everything you need is covered except your plane ticket and transportation to the event. It is recommended to bring at least $500-$600 for shopping and additional money for massages and individual healings.
Hear what People have to say about Mentoring with Kerri Hummingbird!
"Kerri helps you make a massive transformation."
"Working with Kerri, I was able to clear out some negative emotions that were holding me back, and reprogram some hard-wired self-limiting beliefs. I highly recommend Kerri. If you're experiencing any life challenges, if you're blocked or stuck in any way, Kerri will unblock and un-stuck you."
Wendy Nolin, Possibilitarian
"Trustworthy guide to show you how to transform at the soul level"
"As a spiritual empowerment coach, I searched for a mentor who was further along in the soul journey who could teach me new skills and overcome energetic blocks so I could serve my tribe better. It’s taken me a long time to find such a person but Kerri is one of the few people I have worked with who was actually able to help me access deep-seated lifelong trauma—what I call sacred wounds—to finally heal and release stuck energy that was holding me back in life, love and business. She is a gifted healer and has the utmost love, compassion and integrity when holding space for her clients to shift into a more empowered place in life. If you are looking for a trustworthy guide to show you how to transform yourself at the soul level Kerri is absolutely my go-to person. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for the real deal. Worth every penny!"
Kristina Wolf, Wolf Mastery
"I am beyond grateful my path has brought me to Kerri as my uniquely powerful transformation coach. "
"The journey of self discovery and soulfully deep healing is actually never ending, but with Kerri as my guide, teacher and healer, I am stronger and braver than ever before. She has shown me my worth, my truth, and has helped me see the humor in my mistakes (lessons) as I continue this life. She has shifted my perception of myself, my partner, and my entire view of this beautiful world."
Caitlin Peterson, LCSW, CHt
About Kerri Hummingbird
Kerri Hummingbird, Soul Guide, is a channel of, and an embodiment of, White Eagle, an ascended master who specializes in rainbow light activation of human DNA. She has served as a social activist, leader, and philanthropist for over three decades. She is the Founder of the Skills Not Pills Movement and Host of Soul Nectar Show. Ms Hummingbird inspires people to lead their lives wide awake with an authenticity, passion and purpose that positively impacts others. She catalyzes mind-shifts that transform life challenges into gifts of wisdom with her Reinvent Yourself programs for individual and group mentoring. She is the international best-selling author of "The Second Wave: Transcending the Human Drama" and the award-winning best-selling book "Awakening To Me: One Woman’s Journey To Self Love" which describes the early years of her spiritual awakening.

The Q'ero wisdom keepers guide Kerri Hummingbird's healing work behind the veil. She studied their traditions and has worked with them personally for healing as part of her training with The Four Winds Light Body School of Alberto Villoldo.

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