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Love Mastery Game
An Oracle for Wisdom Keepers
next live game: april 25-29
Love is all that is. When you master the art of love, you enjoy your life and all the experiences it offers you. As you master love, you gain wisdom you get to keep.
You are invited to play the Love Mastery Game which opens a sacred doorway to a synchronistic interactive journey with the Divine on Earth. It's a small taste of the magic and transformation that happens in REBIRTH: Awakening the Mother Goddess and the One Year Inner Medicine Program, led by Kerri Hummingbird.
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Kerri Hummingbird
Soul Guide
You may think of learning as something you get from reading books or in a classroom. But you can actually learn from every moment in Earth school, and all of life can be your teacher. When you learn to be your own walking oracle, and understand the medicine available from Earth allies, you can make every waking moment of your life into a synchronistic game—a Love Mastery game—that teaches you all you desire to know so you can receive all you desire to receive.

When you learn to play the Love Mastery game, you unlock the gifts of every life challenge by turning wounds into wisdom. You elevate the frequency of everything in your life by transforming it with your Love Mastery.

I invite you to come play with us!

Kerri Hummingbird
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